Aerospace and Turbines

Rugged and fail-safe measurement technology for challenging requirements

Highly precise measurement technology and data loggers for flight, turbine, and new propulsion system tests under extreme climate conditions.
For piston engines, jet engines, gas turbines, flight test instrumentation (FTI), thermal vacuum test.

Highly rugged, fail-safe, and innovative data logger technology – these are IPETRONIK’s strengths as our customers know them, these are our core competencies: We meet the most challenging requirements, even under extreme conditions, in the desert, in the ice, in the snow.
In aerospace and turbines, the demands are no less challenging. This is why aerospace customers contacted us some time ago. They wanted to use the well-proven IPETRONIK measurement technology for a different application: jet engines. The birth of our new business unit “Aerospace and Turbines”.
Since then, we have successfully implemented various projects within this new area. Our core strengths are temperature, HV, acoustics, vibration, and data loggers. Our overall strategic goal has remained the same: generating sustainable growth in old and new markets.

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Aerospace and Turbines