HVAC / Indoor Climate Control

Meeting the increasing NVH Requirements

Whether alternative refrigerants, the latest battery technologies or optimised air conditioning units - for the areas of HVAC and passenger compartment air conditioning, we implement the constantly growing requirements in the automotive sector quickly and efficiently. We support refrigerant development, develop new systems and optimise vehicle air conditioning. Energy consumption, environmental protection and comfort play an essential role. With our NVH measurements, we ensure both optimal air-conditioning comfort and low interior noise.

Thermal Management Redefined

In the context of new drive technologies, we are continuously working on further developments with our system partners in the field of vehicle air conditioning and aggregate cooling. We design test benches and system components that enable efficient development of the heart of every cooling system - the compressor. The latest generation of electrically driven compressors (eKMV), which find their use in electric and hybrid vehicles, was accompanied by IPETRONIK's engineering expertise - from development to series production.

NVH Measurements on Refrigerant Compressors

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Our Service Portfolio

  • Oil-circulation-ratio checks/oil-filling-quantity tests and recommendations
  • Refrigerant charge determinations
  • Analysis of unit and component acoustics
  • Performance measurements of the system and components (KM/air/water/current)
  • Function and control development on thermal management
  • HIL with vehicle control unit and real cooling and refrigerant circuits
  • Development of heat pump technologies
  • Simulation of air circuits and energy output of electric motors/batteries
  • Identification of noise emissions from refrigerant circuit components in the HVAC

Climate Acoustic Chamber

  • Cool-down test (simplified climatic wind tunnel conditions)
  • Filling quantity regulations for vehicle refrigeration circuit
  • Measurement of cabin and exterior noise, vibration at transfer paths, pulsation in refrigerant lines and vehicle operating data (CAN bus) under cold, comfort and heat climates
  • Testing of Parking Heaters with Regard to Heat Output and Acoustics

HV Charging Column

  • Integrated 350 kW DC charging column for vehicle testing (Baden-Baden location)
  • Measurement/display of standard charging processes (AC up to 22 kW) and higher power classes
  • Measurement documentation of the charging processes with regard to all relevant parameters
  • Quantification of charging power influence on the external noise emitted by the vehicle

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