IPEmotion PC

Manufacturer-independent measurement data acquisition

One software for all Applications

Practice-oriented use of measuring equipment and reliable data acquisition are our top priorities. For this purpose we have developed IPEmotion, an easy-to-use DAQ software for all tasks in the inspection process. From the configuration of the measurement task to the final report - everything from a single source.

IPEmotion supports measurement applications for many areas through special plug-ins - regardless of the hardware used. Likewise, the software easily connects complex ECU applications with high-precision measurement technology for physical quantities. Through customised setup, IPEmotion becomes an individual software solution whose data presentation can be flexibly adapted - even during ongoing measurement and data storage. The measurement data acquisition software is available in several languages. It is designed for the acquisition and management of large amounts of data and, in addition to live visualisation, also enables automated evaluation.


Individual and flexible - the IPEmotion interface adapts to your needs.

Thermal Management

Are you concerned with thermal management? Then IPEmotion is the right choice for you: IPEmotion offers you everything from a single source, from simple temperature monitoring as a numerical display to the visualisation of a highly complex heat pump system. Whether you are looking at system components such as vehicle batteries, refrigerant compressors, evaporators or an entire system, our software can provide you with the right solution in just a few clicks.

Overview of Features:

  • Log p/H diagram display
  • Heatflow matrix display
  • Signal / trend display via y/t diagram
  • Determination of overheating, undercooling, enthalpy etc.
  • REFPROP integration

ECU Software and Bus Validation

With every new vehicle platform and every update of the ECU software, the requirements for the validation of the implemented functions change. IPEmotion offers a variety of easy-to-use tools to accomplish these tasks. With our capabilities to record, display and analyse vehicle buses, we offer you a powerful yet cost-effective software solution.

Overview of Features:

  • Transmission of freely configurable CAN messages
  • Bus traffic display in decimal and hexadecimal form
  • Bus traffic signal conversion via description file
  • Bus traffic storage and file conversion to ASCII, BLF, MDF
  • ID filter functions and marking of changing data

Brake Tests

Few applications are as demanding as brake testing. The legislator makes strict specifications that have to be fulfilled. No matter whether you are testing on the Großglockner or on your home test track, IPEmotion is your sovereign companion in determining the required sizes and data. With our standardised brake tools, you will safely reach your goal.

Overview of Features:

  • Braking distance / braking performance determination
  • Calculation of mean deceleration (mfdd)
  • Pedal force display with target curve specification
  • Brake pressure monitoring
  • Brake temperature display

Compressor Tests

With the advent of e-mobility, many new tasks have arisen around refrigerant compressors. Whether mechanical compressors or electric compressors - with IPEmotion you have all the possibilities to carry out test bench tasks and benchmark investigations or to determine the COP (coefficent of performance).

Overview of features:

  • Adjustment of setpoints, e.g. speed via CAN and LIN
  • Display of the high pressure or suction pressure side
  • Comparison of setpoint and actual values
  • Calculation of superheat and subcooling
  • Standard calculations for cooling circuits

Process Monitoring

Many industrial processes or plants require continuous and highly accurate monitoring. Our IPEmotion software in combination with IPETRONIK measurement technology can take over exactly this task for you. We provide all data at a glance, even in direct overlay with your system image. If a single display page or screen is not enough for your presentation, you can combine as many as you like and take advantage of the full flexibility of our data visualisation.

Overview of Features:

  • System / plant screen integration
  • Numerical displays
  • Numerous display pages
  • Display distribution across several screens
  • Alarms and limit value monitoring

Fleet Management

In many areas, the fleet test is the last approval stage before a product leaves the development department. These do not necessarily have to be vehicle fleets, often they are tests in which the product to be developed is finally but fully used under real conditions. At this point in the development cycle, as much data as possible is collected as a final safeguard before the pre-series product is handed over to production. In order to be able to sift through, verify and analyse these large amounts of data, IPEmotion offers you various options for data analysis and post-processing.

Overview of Features:

  • Measurement data management (MDM)
  • File and channel metadata
  • Adaptable / movable x- and y-axes
  • Measurement data overlay
  • Script-based data evaluation

Advantages of IPEmotion

Simple and intuitive Operation

Versatile Measurement Data Acquisition, Display Instruments

Data Post-processing, Analysis, Reporting

Plug-in Interface for Manufacturer-independent Hardware Integration

Edition Overview

Function Demo / Student Basic Standard Professional Developer Analysis
Licence free of charge free of charge
Number of channels that can be displayed online 250 256 250
Number of storage groups (online data) 0 2 0
Number of display pages for online visualisation 20 20 20
Number of display pages for offline data analysis 1 5
Number of channels that can be displayed offline (analysis) 10 256
Additional online tools: traffic analysis, traffic simulator, map      
Additional offline instruments: Traffic analysis, Campbell, 3D model, map    
Macro recorder - VBS and Python scripting    
Creating runtime versions          
Measurement Data Management (MDM)      
Add-on module Control: open-loop & closed-loop control optional     optional optional  
Additional module Climate: Thermodynamics optional     optional optional optional

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