Jet Engine Tests

The Challenge

Today’s market demands more and more efficient jet engines – to counteract global warming and to reduce fuel costs. Efficiency and durability (MTBO - Mean Time Between Overhaul) strongly depend on the combustion temperature within the engine. Temperatures that are too high increase the wear, temperatures that are too low or fluctuating decrease efficiency. Therefore, jet engine tests require multi-channel measurement technology that is highly precise and highly reliable, even at extreme ambient temperatures.


  • Extremely harsh conditions near the jet engines (-40 … +85 °C)
  • Short cabling distances to the sensors
  • Data transmission via WiFi/Ethernet to the measurement data server
  • High accuracy
  • 96 temperature measurement channels
  • Thermocouple measurement inputs type E, J, K, N, R, S, T
  • On request: Temperature measurement inputs PT100

The Solution

With the M-THERMO 96, IPETRONIK has developed a tailor-made product for jet engine testing. The device has been tested according to aerospace standards and its measurement accuracy for quickly changing ambient temperatures has been optimized. The very compact IPEhub2 ensures the data transmission via WLAN. The jet engine and the measurement technology can be connected outside the test chamber, guaranteeing its full utilization.

“The IPETRONIK temperature measurement modules are unbeatably precise, even in harsh ambient conditions.“

Stefan Gier, Rolls Royce

The rugged IPETRONIK measurement modules are installed in the climate chamber together with the jet engine. Since the time-consuming cabling can be done outside, the climate chamber is fully utilized. The short sensor cables guarantee a high signal quality and low interferences.

The Advantages

  • The IPETRONIK measurement modules have been developed for extreme temperatures.
  • Ethernet interface also via iDDS-protocol.
  • High accuracy, even for transient temperatures
  • Connection to the measurement data server via iDDS interface
  • Tested acc. to aerospace standards DO-160G and MIL-STD-810G




96-channel universal thermocouple inputs type E, J, K, N, R, S, T
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Data Loggers


Compact data logger for experimental validation
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4 PT100 measurement inputs
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