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Whether in the sweltering heat of the Sahara or the freezing cold of the Arctic - driver assistance systems must function safely on all roads in the world. That is why IPETRONIK offers comprehensive test solutions to ensure that ADAS systems work perfectly and reliably even under extreme climatic conditions.

Autonomous driving as a goal

Driver assistance systems (ADAS) increase safety and provide more comfort and efficiency. Many systems - supported by cameras, lidar or ultrasonic sensors - are already established today. Emergency braking systems, adaptive cruise control or lane departure and lane change assistants, for example, ensure greater safety in road traffic. The development of increasingly complex assistance functions not only reduces traffic congestion, fuel consumption and emissions: the constant further development is an important component on the way to fully autonomous driving (AD).

Data logger with synchronous image data recording

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Our service portfolio

  • Data logging / real-time recording of automotive Ethernet buses
  • Validation of large wiring system architectures in fleet testing and road trials
  • Control unit access via standardised bus protocols
  • Scalable, cloud-based test execution including MATLAB-based data management
  • Camera and sensor data recording

Highly efficient overall system

With our reliable and safe measurement systems, we offer solutions for every application in the ADAS sector. Hardware and software are perfectly matched and enable efficient testing, analysis and validation. Our combination of "high-performance logger - cloud/remote connection - data discharge station - automotive Ethernet hardware" forms a highly efficient overall system for all tests, especially also in the ADAS/AD environment.

Data logger for ADAS applications

  • Support of common vehicle buses
  • Recording of signal-based information and data in bus traffic format
  • Online settlements and data follow-up
  • Measurement data synchronisation across all inputs
  • Measurement data post-processing and export via MDM system (Measurement Data Management)

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Test Benches


For technical, regulatory, or logistical reasons, it is not always possible to integrate the actual vehicle components in the coolant circuit on the test bench for validation. This often concerns electrical components such as batteries or power electronics. The IPEsim coolant circuit simulation module has been developed for cases like these to simulate individual components in the coolant circuit of a modern hybrid or electric vehicle and thus replace them in the test bench application. After the connection to a recooling circuit, the IPEsim can simulate both heat sinks and heat sources. It automatically controls the process variables such as cooling and heating capacity, flow temperature, volume flow, system pressure, and pressure drop flow. The system is conveniently operated via a master computer, e.g. with our IPEmotion software, or via the integrated PLC touch panel. Depending on the application, different test circuit volumes are possible and recooling can be active (with integrated refrigeration system) or passive. For passive recooling, the minimum test item temperature depends on the flow temperature of the recooling medium.

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