High-performance flushing device for refrigerant circuits


The IPEflush high-performance flushing device has been developed to ensure the reliable measurement of the oil circulation ratio. IPEflush cleans the test circuits or individual components from any residual oil. The device uses a multi-stage flushing process to separate out – virtually residue-free – all the oil, dirt particles, and other contaminants retained throughout the various refrigeration circuits. A liquid refrigerant - R134a - is used as flushing medium since it binds most of the oils used in the automotive sector.

  • High cleaning performance even with heavy oil contamination
  • Self-sufficient flushing operation with pre-programmed processes
  • Cleaning procedure supporting a jetting pressure up to 12 bar
  • Flushing procedure using repetitive pulsations
  • Vacuum build-up with a pressure of up to 0.05 mbar
  • Automatic refrigerant recovery
  • Visual monitoring of operating pressures possible

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Features at a Glance

Supported Refrigerants R134a
Dimensions W850 mm x H950 mm x D450 mm (33.46 in x 37.40 in x 17.71 in)
Power Supply 1 x 16 A, 230 VAC, 50 Hz Schuko

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