Coolant circuit simulation module


For technical, regulatory, or logistical reasons, it is not always possible to integrate the actual vehicle components in the coolant circuit on the test bench for validation. This often concerns electrical components such as batteries or power electronics. The IPEsim coolant circuit simulation module has been developed for cases like these to simulate individual components in the coolant circuit of a modern hybrid or electric vehicle and thus replace them in the test bench application. After the connection to a recooling circuit, the IPEsim can simulate both heat sinks and heat sources. It automatically controls the process variables such as cooling and heating capacity, flow temperature, volume flow, system pressure, and pressure drop flow. The system is conveniently operated via a master computer, e.g. with our IPEmotion software, or via the integrated PLC touch panel. Depending on the application, different test circuit volumes are possible and recooling can be active (with integrated refrigeration system) or passive. For passive recooling, the minimum test item temperature depends on the flow temperature of the recooling medium.

  • Simulating of heat sink and heat source, e.g. battery heat loss
  • Automatic control of process variables: cooling and heating capacity, flow temperature, volume flow, system pressure, pressure drob flow
  • Operating via master computer and possible integration of IPEmotion
  • Integrated PLC system with touch panel
  • Available different test circuit volumes

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Features at a Glance

Supported Coolants Secondary Brine Depending on customers requirements
Connections Main Brine Inlet (1") / outlet (1") - outside thread
Dimensions W2000 mm x H2000 mm x D750 mm (78.75 in x 78.75 in x 29.53 in)
Power Supply 1 x 32 A, 400 V AC, 50 Hz

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