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Three business units, one goal: Top quality

Founded in Baden-Baden in 1989, IPETRONIK bundles its expertise in the development of measuring technology, test bench construction and vehicle fitting under one roof. This allows for a holistic approach to resolving complex tasks. We are structured as three strategically interlocking business units: IPEmeasure, IPEengineering and IPEtec – a bundling of expertise that is unrivalled on the market.


Measuring technology for vehicle development

With our holistic measurement and testing technology, our universal measurement software and our individual service portfolio, we create customized solutions according to customer requirements. Each realization takes into account the system concept and optimally integrates the specific customer requirements into the overall system. Hardware, software and services are optimally coordinated and meet the highest standards. In this way, we can ensure that the quality is right and that our systems function perfectly - even in continuous operation and under the harshest climatic conditions.

  • Reliable data loggers for extreme requirements
  • High-precision, innovative measurement modules and sensors
  • Simple, intuitive DAQ software and cloud solution
  • Customized services and worldwide support


Individual solutions for vehicle development

In the IPETRONIK Technical Centre, we offer our customers an extensive scope of services. These include the installation and removal of equipment on test vehicles and support for summer and winter field testing. We perform comprehensive project series, including complete benchmarking with various systems and series vehicles. This includes endurance testing, component testing, comparative analysis, statistical evaluations and the preparation of test reports.

  • Project management for vehicle testing
  • Global fleet test support
  • Engineering services for vehicle equipment
  • Thermal management and air conditioning acoustics


Test benches for refrigeration engineering and thermodynamics

From classical machine construction, to refrigeration and thermodynamic process technology or plant operation and PLC control technology – our engineers and technicians work in nearly all disciplines related to test bench development. With our test benches, we simulate thermodynamic processes for components of the refrigeration circuit, such as compressors, heat exchangers and HVACs. Our systematic and repeatable bench testing reduces development time, and increases safety and efficiency. Moreover, we guarantee high technological maturity upon delivery for accelerated installation and commissioning on site.

  • Advice and concept development by our engineers and technicians
  • Implementation of your customised solution
  • Global supply and support
  • Fixed point of contact for the entire project

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