NVH System Acoustics Test Bench

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NVH System Acoustics Test Bench

With its NVH system test bench, IPETRONIK offers the possibility of recording and analyzing the noise development at the HVAC (air conditioning unit) using in-house acoustic measurement technology. For this purpose, microphones are placed in the near field of local sound sources and, if necessary, the so-called acoustic camera (GFAI, see figure on the right) is used for sound localization. Sensors for vibration and pulsation of the refrigerant can also be placed in the system.

  • Acoustic measurements on the HVAC (air conditioning box), which sits in the car under the dashboard, to simulate the noise generated by the air conditioning system inside the car
  • Special bodies
  • Acoustic measurements on: Evaporator, EXV, piping, etc.
  • Construction of the HVAC with different acoustic insulation materials
  • Geodesic layout of the air conditioning system according to CAD data

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