HV Charging Column Acoustic Chamber

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HV Charging Column Acoustic Chamber

The acoustic chamber with HV charging column offers a wide range of possibilities for acoustic testing of vehicles, vehicle subsystems and general technical superstructures. Designed as a semi-open-air room with large hinged doors on two sides, the acoustic chamber has a vehicle lifting platform that allows very flexible control and modification of test setups already being tested. The combination of HV charging station and acoustic environment supports tests and development steps, as recently demanded in automotive engineering with purely electric vehicles and fast charging technology.

  • Vehicle acoustic evaluation during HV charging up to 350 kW (with cooling demand on vehicle- internal AC system)
  • Measurement of HV charging power and specific parameters during the charging process (charging current, voltage, temperature, etc.)
  • Standard test for isolation of transfer paths with load box (eKMV active, remaining vehicle refrigeration circuit deactivated)
  • Construction and measurement of larger acoustic components and vehicle subsystems
  • Use of the clean chamber for general acoustics tests on technical superstructures

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