Development-accompanying investigations of electric refrigerant compressors

Thermal management services

Development-accompanying investigations of electric refrigerant compressors

In the early development phase of the electric refrigerant compressor, a variety of assurances for durability, efficiency and performance are necessary even before the actual design and process validation tests. For this purpose, there are test cases that require flexibility in their requirements and mapping while maintaining high quality standards. Here, IPEengineering's experience in handling such complex setups is unique in the service field. Through a strong team of engineers and technicians who have built up years of experience in the evolution of refrigerant compressors, the development accompanying tests from the start of development to the finished product provide a complete package in the service sector of the automotive industry.

  • Characteristic diagram matrix
  • OCR (Oil Circulating Rate)
  • Backpressure tuning
  • Benchmark
  • Liquid startup
  • Liquid slugging
  • Startup with Load
  • Contamination tests
  • Thermographic surveys
  • Recording of temperature-sensitive components on the power electronics or recording of the test specimen in the long shot with the aid of an infrared camera
  • Applications refrigerant compressor
  • Electrical conductivity

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