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Component Test Bench

The measurement of thermodynamic properties of refrigerant circuit components is of great importance in the development of automotive components (and systems). Our measurement results are often used as a basis for decision-making for series production as well as for the analysis of optimization potentials or unique selling propositions. As a manufacturer- independent test center with many years of cross industry experience in the field of thermodynamics, IPETRONIK offers component measurements including well-founded evaluations. OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers as well as development partners benefit from our services.

  • Precise replication of the specified operating conditions in the refrigerant circuit
  • Many years of experience in refrigerant circuit component measurements
  • Measurements with R1234yf, R134a and other innovative refrigerant mixtures possible
  • Many design options for test cases within a large performance spectrum
  • Acquisition and evaluation of important thermodynamic variables (temperature, pressure, OCR, etc.)
  • Defined OCR specifications as well as "oil-free" measurements possible
  • Automated and time-efficient test operation as well as fully manual control for special operating points
  • Performance of long-term tests, COP investigations and calorimetric observations
  • Evaluation of the measurement results by expert engineers
  • Flexible integration of refrigeration components through own prototype workshop

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