Endurance Test Bench IPEload

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Endurance Test Bench IPEload

Component development in "mini format"! The little brother to the IPEcomp is the IPEload auto. As already mentioned with the IPEcomp, this product can be used to determine the properties of the test specimen. Here the focus is more on durability and lifecycle performance. This is realized by means of Raffertests specified in the customer's specifications, or the determination of the test matrix is worked out individually with the expertise of IPEengineering. Due to the small installation space and the resulting low space requirement, this load box can be used for other development-relevant topics around the refrigerant compressor. In conjunction with a separate climatic test cabinet, the test specimen can be subjected to various temperatures, both in the positive and negative Celsius range.

  • Measurement and study of electric compressors
  • Suitable for R134a, R1234yf, R744, R290 and refrigerant mixtures
  • Custom prototype builds
  • Arbitrary expansion of sensor and signal capacity for prototypical development
  • Examination of behaviors over a whole gerafferten life cycle of the test specimen

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