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Acoustics Simulation

The acoustic development of automotive components benefits significantly from the interaction of testing and simulation. While general experience and analyses of measurements form the basis for new developments, simulation allows the evaluation of components and concepts in advance, independently of time- consuming and cost intensive hardware. Thus, it is possible to select from several designs, weak points can be identified and avoided at an early stage. Thus, the parallel management of simulation and testing allows a constant mutual optimization - the quality of each hardware construction stage benefits from the previous simulation; likewise, the accuracy of the simulation models can be optimized by comparison with the subsequently available measurement data.

  • Modal analysis
  • Simulation of airborne sound radiation as sound pressure or sound power based on structural dynamics
  • Forced oscillation via unit excitation or via measurement data
  • Mutual optimization of simulation models and hardware construction stages at each iteration step
  • Detailed simulation models due to high number of channels in experiments in refrigeration circuit acoustics
  • Experience values in the simulation of the decoupling of air conditioning compressors

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