Component test bench for validation of (expansion) valves


The IPEvalve component test bench has been developed for high-standard automated performance or endurance tests for various automotive refrigerant circuit valve types. The version for functional tests includes a device for measuring and controlling the oil circulation rate (OCR) at various points in the circuit (unlike the version for endurance tests). In addition to the superheat of the refrigerant in the suction line, the low pressure and the high pressure can also be controlled. The control of the valves is customized, e.g. via LIN bus or a PWM signal, and operated via the integrated PLC, in which all control parameters and software limit values are stored. The integrated safety system automatically switches off the test bench if the set limit values are exceeded or if a refrigerant leakage is detected. The test bench is operated via a central computer on which the IPEmotion test bench software with the corresponding test bench configuration is pre-installed. By connecting the test bench to a coolant system, it is recooled. Since the test bench performs pressure holding tests independently, the connection to a nitrogen cylinder is necessary. The integrated vacuum pump as well as the refrigerant extraction station facilitate the test bench setup.

  • To be used with R134a or R1234yf
  • Expansion valves or one-way/multi-way valves
  • Options for functional or endurance tests
  • One-way and multi-way expansion valves can be tested in test groups, shut-off valves in the suction line, in the hot gas line (gaseous refrigerant) or in the high pressure line (liquid refrigerant)

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