Services with the Acoustic Camera

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Services with the Acoustic Camera

As is well known, multi-channel microphone measurements allow the evaluation of sound propagation at different positions. This allows conclusions to be drawn about different assemblies and their acoustic radiation behavior. However, the spatial resolution when using conventional microphones is limited and the exact assignment of where a sound is actually emitted is often very inaccurate. Here, the use of the acoustic camera offers a practical and fast possibility for the identification of dominant partial sound sources. Using a ring-shaped arrangement of 48 individual microphones (microphone array) and a video camera in the center of the ring, the sound radiation is initially recorded synchronously with the video image data. The analysis of the different propagation times of the sound radiation of individual partial sources allows the directional assignment of their radiation points.

  • Fast results for sound localization - Automotive and Non-Automotive
  • Synchronization with IPETRONIK measurement technology via CAN bus
  • Wide range of applications for the initial evaluation of new acoustic phenomena
  • Targeted steps for local, temporal and frequency-related containment of sound radiation
  • Extended database for detailed AUDIO evaluations in the recording studio

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