Addons for INCA and CANape

Integration of IPETRONIK measurement modules

The software drivers support various interfaces such as CAN and Ethernet to integrate IPETRONIK M and X modules into other software platforms so that measurement modules can be used without IPEmotion. The addons are based on the universal driver development and offer a scope of functions similar to the IPEmotion PlugIn X.

IPEaddon for INCA 7.2 – 7.4


This addon is intended for users of the ETAS measurement, calibration, and diagnostic software. Suitable IPEaddon versions for INCA 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 are available.

All current IPETRONIK CAN and X modules can be configured with the IPEaddon INCA. This allows users to access the CAN interfaces (e.g. ES581) or ETH gateways (e.g. ES858) supported by INCA. The addon also supports the direct connection of X modules to the ETH interface of the PC and of CAN modules to X modules via the X-LINK connection (no CAN interface required).

The addon is paid and requires a license.

IPEaddon for CANape 15/16 - current release

IPEaddon CANape

This addon is intended for users of the Vector Informatik measurement, calibration, and diagnostic software CANape 15/16 (main versions).

It supports the Ethernet integration and enables the configuration of all current IPETRONIK CAN and X modules if the measurement modules are connected to the PC via Ethernet connection. A direct integration of M modules via CAN card still has to be implemented.

The addon is free of charge and licensed.