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System Test Bench

In the age of e-mobility, the refrigerant circuit serves not only to provide comfort air conditioning for the passenger cabin, but also to cool the electric drive train and the battery. It thus becomes one of the central subsystems of the vehicle and must be taken into account from the very beginning of development. Since neither vehicles nor subsystems are usually available at this early stage, the ducts, evaporators and other heat exchangers are built geodesically. The powertrain and battery are represented by emulators, and conditioned air is applied to the indoor evaporators. The air path for the condenser simulates temperature and driving speed. This allows caloric (performance) evaluation of the system, testing of different interconnections, comparison of different components, and development of operating strategies.

  • LCCP/SAE matrix
  • Filling quantity determination
  • COP (system, heat pumps, HWT)
  • Oil circulation rate
  • Refrigerant mass flow
  • System and component performance measurements (KM/air/water/current)
  • Measurement of valves (EXV/TXV)
  • Measurement of condensers (air/water)
  • Measurement of evaporators (superheat, spread, latent and sensible power)
  • Compressor measurement
  • Measurement of plate transducers
  • Determine operating strategy
  • Comparison of different system architectures
  • Endurance run
  • Liquid startup
  • Liquid slugging
  • Noise emissions from refrigerant circuit components in HVAC

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