Aerospace & Turbines

Measuring technology for the strictest of requirements

Ultra-precise measuring technology and data loggers for flight and turbine tests as well as tests on new drive systems in extreme climate conditions – for piston engines, jet engines, gas turbines, flight test instrumentation (FTI) and thermal vacuum tests.

Rugged and failsafe measuring technology

Extremely rugged, failsafe and innovative data logger technology – these are IPETRONIK's strengths, as our automotive customers are aware. With these strengths, we meet the most challenging of requirements, even under extreme conditions in the desert, in the ice or in the snow.

That's why aerospace customers contacted us some time ago. They wanted to use the tried-and-tested IPETRONIK measuring technology for a new application: jet engines.

Maximum precision

Our measuring systems ensure maximum precision – even, and especially, in harsh conditions or when there are quick and extreme temperature changes. Easy handling keeps field testing to a minimum.

The perfect system integration of our measurement modules, software and data loggers is another plus point – everything comes from one source. The result is secure, efficient and convenient testing. We use the ARINC 429, ARINC 825 and iDDS interfaces and protocols.

Even when testing new drive concepts, such as electric motors in combination with combustion technology, IPETRONIK measuring technology is the benchmark for accurate results.

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