System Test Benches and Air Conditioning Modules

for testing complete vehicle air-conditioning circuits under real environmental conditions

System Test Benches and Air Conditioning Modules

Our range of services also includes system test benches and individual air conditioning modules. Complete vehicle air conditioning circuits with their components and various refrigerants can be tested under real environmental conditions on system test benches. Thanks to their modular design, the test benches can be flexibly adapted to different air conditioning systems, thus reducing set-up times. The use of so-called test carts plays a particularly important role here. This means that a new circuit can be set up on its trolley outside the test stand while tests are still being carried out on the test stand with another circuit. This not only makes more effective use of the setup time, but also reduces the downtime of the test stand. The necessary media supply modules for air conditioning and coolant circuits (IPEsim) can be individually assembled and operated according to customer requirements. Temperature, humidity and air mass flow are set with a very high control quality and accuracy to ensure reproducible test results.

  • Complete R-134a and HFO-1234yf automotive air conditioning systems and series system superstructures possibly with original hoses and including heat pump operation
  • Evaporator: single or built into the air conditioner; front and rear evaporator (and optional battery evaporator) also all two or with option three units simultaneously
  • Capacitors: integrated in the front end, also in combination with a cooler-fan package
  • Battery, power electronics, charger and e-machine coolers; the air coolers of the individual circuits can be integrated in the front end
  • The thermodynamic components are mainly simulators or heat exchangers, which are specifically required for electrified vehicles, and only in rare cases conventional coolant circuits. Since original components often may not or cannot be used, simulation modules, e.g. an e-machine simulation module, must be supplied.
  • Humidity control is of paramount importance, especially on the HVAC modules, and is therefore performed on each of them with the aid of a dew point device.

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