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Modular - integrated – versatile

Our data logger software IPEmotion RT  sets new standards in terms of functional scope, development time and quality assurance. 
The identical software basis of IPEmotion PC and RT makes it possible: users can use IPEmotion on their Windows PCs and at the same time use the data logger series based on the Linux operating system, where they can use the entire range of functions. 
In addition, IPEmotion RT is the first operating system-independent software that is also designed for Linux 64-bit systems. Due to the innovative layered architecture, adaptation to other operating systems is possible.  

Advantages of IPEmotion RT

Easy to use


Standardised File Formats

Very flexible

IPEmotion RT – Continuous Improvement

Like any first-rate software, IPEmotion RT lives from its functions and features. We are in continuous contact with our customers to be able to offer them the best possible solutions. Therefore, there is a major release once a year and several sub-releases during the year. This enables us to respond promptly to the wishes of our customers and to keep IPEmotion RT at the cutting edge of technology and to implement new functions. 

With IPEmotion RT, we have taken up the system idea again and optimised the interaction between data logger (digital bus inputs) and measurement modules (analogue signal amplifiers). With every data logger software package, we also always supply the latest firmware for our measurement modules to ensure smooth, fully integrated system functionality at all times. Of course, all our products can also be individually updated. 

With IPEmotion RT, you maintain an exact overview of your system at all times. For this purpose, a variety of status information is available to you, which is either written to the log file while the measurement is running or displayed when the display is connected. These status messages include useful information such as "Storage started", "Measurement file transferred", "Power supply too low" or "Measurement successfully completed". 

When evaluating recordings of our data loggers, a meaningful measurement data display is of great importance. For this reason, we placed great emphasis on a consistent display concept during the development of IPEmotion RT. In every phase of the test task, we help our users to visualise the relevant data in a structured way. Various options are available for this purpose: Locally wired, locally via W-LAN or remotely via mobile network. Whichever you choose, IPEmotion RT presents the information in a meaningful way on your display at any time. 

With many data logging systems, boot time is equivalent to dead time, during which the system does not record any data - not so with IPEmotion RT. With the NML function, no information is lost. From the very first millisecond of the boot process, data is stored in raw format for appropriately configured inputs and later merged with the data of the configured measurement. Thus, even this information that led to the start of the data logger can be recorded, e.g. in Wake on CAN mode. 

Licensing of IPEmotion RT

IPEmotion RT is the operating system of our loggers and can be extended via optional packages according to the needs of our customers. IPEmotionRT.UI is the configuration, display and evaluation software for loggers with IPEmotion RT. In the free basic version, the logger can be fully configured and also offers simple evaluation and analysis functions for your measurement data. 

IPEmotion RT Basic Package

  • Four Bus Interfaces (µCrosSL: two Bus Interfaces) 
  • one Memory Group 
  • CAN Signal Measurement – DBC Import 
  • X-LINK & M-CAN (µCrosSL: M-CAN only) 
  • Gateway: CAN Send, XCP Slave for INCA, CANape, DIAdem 
  • OBD, GPS 
  • Wake on CAN/LIN (M-LOG V3: WoC only) 
  • NML/Quickstart (M-LOG V3: Quickstart only) 
  • Logger Scripting & COM Interface 
  • Web Visualisation 

Optional Extension Packages*

  • Unlimited Storage Groups: Data Storage for Signals, Traffic, Video, etc. 
  • Bus Interface Extension in a Package of 2: CAN, CAN FD, ETH, FlexRay, LIN* 
  • Protocols: CCP, XCP, J1939, UDS, Seed&Key, PLP/TECMP, DLT 
  • Communication: Data Transmission via Modem, WLAN*, IoT Connection, Comfort Display App 
  • Multimedia: Audio and Video 
  • Control Add-on Module: PID Controller, Sequence Control, Function Generators, Traffic Simulation 
  • Additional Climate Module: Log-Ph Climate Formulas 

*Taking into account the hardware functions. Not all loggers offer all functions in the basic or extension package. See the data sheets for the possible range of functions. 

IPEmotion RT.UI

In addition to the Basic version of IPEmotion RT.UI, we offer two other powerful sotware options. The chargeable versions Standard and Professional offer an extended range of functions for live display of your measurements and evaluation/analysis of your measurement data. 

Function Basic Standard Professional
Licence Free of Charge Licence Required Licence Required
Online Displayable Channels in Instruments 250 256 Unlimited
Display Pages for PC Online Visualisation 20 20 Unlimited
Display Pages for Offline Data Analysis 1 5 Unlimited
Channels that can be displayed offline (Analysis) 10 256 Unlimited
Additional Online Instruments: Traffic Analysis, Traffic Simulator, GPS Map Display    
Additional Offline Instruments: Traffic Analysis, 3D Model, GPS Map Display, Campbell    
Macro Recorder: VBS and Python Scripting    
COM Interface: external Programme Access  

Personal Consultation

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