Flight Tests of Engines

The Challenge

Modern engines are becoming more and more efficient and must also be tested intensively in real flight operations. Newly developed engines are tested on a flying testbed. Several hundred temperatures are measured with high precision. The measurement technology must be precise and function safely and reliably even under vibration, heat and altitude.

Customer Requirement

  • Measurement of several hundred temperatures in flight
  • High accuracy and mounting directly on the engine
  • Low wiring effort and short thermocouple cables
  • Flexible scaling of the channels to the measurement task




Our Solution

With the M-THERMO2u, IPETRONIK has a tailor-made product for robust and accurate temperature measurements in its portfolio. The decentralised module measures reliably even at ambient temperatures up to 125 °C, high vibrations and has been tested for altitudes up to 55,000 feet. A 24-bit analogue/digital converter is the basis for high accuracies. The number of decentralised measuring modules and channels can be flexibly adapted via plug&play.

The Advantages

  • Accurate temperature measurements up to +125 °C ambient temperature
  • Universal measuring inputs for various thermocouples
  • Decentralised architecture of the measuring modules for a short connection to the sensors
  • Flexible addition of measuring modules and channels




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