Function Test Bench Refrigerant Compressor

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Function Test Bench Refrigerant Compressor

In the modern development of vehicle air conditioning and in connection with thermal management, the technical design or the validation of the function of the refrigerant compressor is the focus of the holistic development process. Especially due to the changing requirements in the automotive sector, it is indispensable to reproduce a flawless function of the test item to be tested by means of reliable test bench equipment. Be it in the classic AC mode or in the now increasingly important heat pump mode. The interaction of sustainable hardware in the test bench and the coordinated control in the form of the in-house software IPEmotion make this test bench a unique product in the service sector of the automotive industry.

  • Measurement and examination of mechanical and electrical compressors
  • Benchmark comparisons
  • Standard measuring programs, e.g. 25 pt. matrix eKMV, 22 pt. matrix mKMV
  • Programming of customer specific measuring programs
  • Mapping of AC and WP load cases
  • Versatility with support for common refrigerants R134a, R1234yf, R744, R290
  • Individual test specimen setups by adapting the recording of the test specimen
  • Arbitrary expansion of sensor and signal capacity for prototypical development
  • Investigation of abnormal behaviors of the examinee and support to find solutions

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