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The M3 series raises the bar for modular measurement technology – ultra-compact, ruggedized, and innovative with a wireless and magnetic connection concept that reduces setup and installation times. Thanks to its IP67 rating, extended temperature range, and ruggedized design, this series guarantees reliable data acquisition even under extreme conditions. It also offers CAN FD support for a higher channel count and synchronous recording of a growing number of sensors. The galvanic isolation within the module (channel, CAN, supply) ensures precise and fail-safe measurements in any environment.

Easy Configuration, Data Acquisition and Analysis with IPEmotion

The seamless integration of the M3 modules into the DAQ software IPEmotion provides you with one comprehensive solution for your measurements. Just a few clicks, and the easy, secure, and fast configuration with our intuitive software is done. Various analysis and visualization tools are available. Select your unity of choice for the data output. The modules are integrated into IPEmotion via the X plugIn. For an even faster and more effective measurement setup, several new functions have been added.

  • Complete process integration of the M3 modules into IPEmotion
  • Easy and intuitive configuration in one software as “Plug & Play“
  • Process security thanks to directly digitalized measurement values and less components


Advantages of the M3 series

Innovative magnetic connection concept

Fast and secure data transfer with CAN FD

Channel monitoring – channel and device status display in the software

IP67 rating

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