Complexity and connectivity

Monitoring solutions are used to monitor systems or processes. Depending on the complexity and accessibility of the object to be monitored, the monitoring task can be very time-consuming. Modern communication technologies and the IoT (Internet of Things) have given rise to entirely new ways and means that must be taken advantage of.

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With modern monitoring solutions from IPETRONIK, you can keep an eye on your systems at all times – whichever way you prefer: Would you rather receive a text message if a threshold is exceeded or a status report with your morning coffee? Neither is a problem! Specialising in vehicle thermal management, we also offer you customised test bench solutions with which you can not only validate your components and systems, but also continuously optimise them. All the necessary information is available to you at all times – regardless of your current location.

Systematic optimisation of industrial lifting machines

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Our service portfolio

  • Automated data provision
  • Intelligent data logging
  • Monitoring system development
  • Measuring system advice and support
  • Services for data generation

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As in many other industries, monitoring is crucial in the automotive industry. From vehicle tracking to battery monitoring and component testing: Data must be received by the system owner promptly and reliably. This is what we specialise in – with state-of-the-art data logger technology or in combination with telecommunications technology, it is possible to monitor more than just the current status of components. With targeted use of the technology, it is also possible to make predictions about future effects. This means service intervals can be optimised and incidents during testing can be avoided, saving valuable time and high costs in all cases.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Hardware for data logging
  • Communication gateways
  • Test equipment
  • Test benches
  • Measuring software

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Data Loggers


High performance data logger for automotive ethernet networks
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Data Loggers


Scalable data logger for fleet management and experimental validation
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Data Loggers


Scalable data logger for fleet management and experimental validation
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Driver display system
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