Urban Air Mobility

Air taxis as a future model

Mobility is facing perhaps the biggest revolution since the invention of the railway: Air taxis for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) are becoming increasingly important. Initially, however, the various air taxis still need to be certified, which presents particular requirements in terms of measuring technology and data loggers. Data loggers in these compact air taxis must be small and energy efficient. At the same time, the interferences from strong and pulsed motor currents can have a significant influence on the measuring technology, and analogue sensor cables must therefore be kept as short as possible.

Compact and rugged measuring technology for air taxis

Our compact modules measure acceleration, temperatures, audio signals and voltages. The digital bus systems, such as ARINC 429, ARINC 825 or Ethernet, are logged synchronously and are stored and analysed by data loggers. If necessary, video cameras can be integrated and the high-voltage motors recorded with high sampling rates.

Measurement solution for air taxis

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Our service portfolio

  • Compact & rugged measurement modules for temperature, vibration, voltage, etc.
  • Measurement of high voltages and currents with high sampling rates
  • High precision and reliability even in harsh ambient conditions
  • Synchronous logging, analysis and storage of analogue inputs and digital bus systems

Products used

Data Loggers


Scalable data logger for fleet management and experimental validation
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4 PT100 measurement inputs
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4 fast analog measurement inputs each up to 400 kHz
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