Minimise wear while increasing driving comfort

Efficiency is crucial for the reliability and functionality of the powertrain. Absolute precision is required in order to minimise losses and optimise performance. With our measuring technology, we analyse and validate the whole vehicle, the complete vehicle powertrain as well as the corresponding components. Whether stationary or dynamic – our measurement configuration is perfectly tailored to your requirements and delivers reliable, ultra-precise and valid results.

Measurements on electric and combustion engine vehicles

The powertrain influences many factors in vehicle development, from noise development to wear, efficiency or even driving comfort. Electrification in particular is setting new challenges for measurement engineers and developers: The lack of combustion engine noise shifts the focus of acousticians onto new sounds, disruptive background noises or vibrations.

But alongside the requirements from the field of e-mobility, measuring technology issues associated with classic combustion engines also remain relevant. That's why we perform a variety of tests on the powertrain, such as thermal management system validations or fleet endurance tests, with the focus on ECU validation or vibration and acoustics measurements.

Powertrain ECU validation

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Our service portfolio

  • Validation of the vehicle's thermal management system
  • Signal-based continuous recordings
  • Event-based traffic measurements
  • Fleet endurance tests in the field of powertrain protection
  • System measurements on the electric powertrain too

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Data Loggers


High performance data logger for automotive ethernet networks
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HV Iso Divider 100 kHz

DC high-voltage divider up to 1 kV input range
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HV Thermocouple

HV sensors for M-THERMO2 HV modules
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