Data Logging and Analysis

Complex data flows in previously unheard of speed

In the last decade, few other concepts have gained as much importance as "Big Data". This trend has been enabled by cost-effective storage platforms as well as communication media and tools that can be accessed by everyone. Data flows are immediately available in previously unheard of speeds and must be processed promptly. The skill lies in analysing the relevant data volumes in real-time to gain findings based on which better decisions can be made.

Quality not quantity

This is exactly the case in the field of automotive data logging. The engine control units of old have been replaced with high-performance computers that process and provide many tens of thousands of measuring signals. Meanwhile the trend is moving towards recording everything and anything. But we are convinced that the future lies in intelligent data logging. Only then can you have prompt access to the necessary information that will enable you to draw the required conclusions in real-time.

Cooling performance tests under extreme conditions

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Our service portfolio

  • Data logging
  • Measured data conversion
  • Measured data hosting
  • Measured data analysis
  • Automated reporting of measured data
  • DAQ and MDM software

Knowledge is power

Previously we used to say that "knowledge is power"; but today we are more likely to say "data is power". But there is only added value in large data volumes if conclusions can be drawn from them. We can support you here with our tools and services. Complex and fast-changing data stocks, which are logged and intelligently evaluated in the correct context, can deliver answers: Answers that enable you to save time and develop new products and optimised offers. This is where our expertise and your added value lie!

Your benefits at a glance

  • Data logger for various bus systems
  • Measurement data management software
  • Cloud platform with data evaluation and analysis
  • Software for data logging and conversion

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Data Loggers


High performance data logger for automotive ethernet networks
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Data Loggers


Scalable data logger for fleet management and experimental validation
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Data Loggers


Modular data logger for fleet management
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Data Loggers


Scalable data logger for fleet management and experimental validation
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Data Loggers


Compact data logger for experimental validation
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