Pre-Development Decoupling and Holder Systems

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Pre-Development Decoupling and Holder Systems

Vibroacoustics are playing an increasingly important role in the series development of passenger cars. In order to minimize unwanted vibrations and background noise, precisely designed decoupling systems for auxiliary units are required. IPETRONIK offers its customers innovative concepts for the pre-development of decouplers and retainer systems for this purpose. Within the scope of flexible test bench setups, vehicle measurements close to the customer or even combinations of both areas, meaningful NVH measurements with high- precision measurement data acquisition can be realized. In addition to vibroacoustic measured variables (force, vibration, airborne sound, pulsation in refrigerant lines, etc.), this also includes relevant operating variables (temperatures, pressures, speeds, etc.) and, if necessary, other variables from the digital data streams from the vehicle board network.

  • Conceptual design of decoupling systems taking into account target parameters and customer requirements (vibroacoustic, structural-dynamic, conceptual, package)
  • Construction and investigation of prototypical decoupling systems on test benches
  • Construction and investigation of prototype decoupling systems in the vehicle system (e.g. in the body of a predecessor model)
  • Concept verification and functional proof through measurement operation and/or simulation
  • Decoupling and holder system optimizations - basic investigations and target-oriented system adaptation
  • Benchmark Studies

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