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IPEservices offers a wide range of services under one roof. With our maintenance packages, we ensure a reliable performance of our products according to their specifications.

Our maintenance packages

Extreme operating conditions, such as hot and cold climate testing as well as fleet testing in climate chambers and on test benches, stress the electric components of measurement modules and data loggers. Subsequent material fatigue may affect the measurement precision. High mechanical stress can cause visible as well as invisible damage which may even lead to hardware failure during measurement. Regular maintenance of the measurement equipment is crucial to ensure the specified measurement precision. The documentation of the device testing and calibration is an important confirmation of the measurement data’s quality and reliability.

Maintenance packages

IPEservices offers the following well-proven maintenance packages. If required, customized packages can be tailored.

Services Basic Standard Premium Repair with premium calibration Calibration acc. to ISO 17025
Calibration at various measurement points and room temperature (23 °C)
Calibration at various measurement points and extreme ambient temperatures      
Adjustment at room temperature (23 °C)   as required
Firmware update
Calibration date update in the device firmware
Testing of device-specific functions, e.g. sensor excitation, filters
Calibration certificate
Calibration tag for the device
Calibration data exchange according to VDI/VDE 2623 after consultation (testing required)2623
nach Rücksprache (voriger Test erforderlich)
New warranty for 1 year      
Initial inspection for mechanical damage
Hardware repair        
Pick-up and delivery service upon request optional optional optional optional optional

Basic maintenance package

The basic maintenance package includes a calibration at room temperature (23 °C) as well as a firmware update upon request beforehand. The results will be documented in a calibration protocol, and if the device passes the inspection, a calibration tag will be attached. Sensor excitation and filters are also included in the inspection and calibration plan. The calibration date will be stored in the firmware and displayed in IPEmotion.

Standard maintenance package

Most of our customers choose the standard maintenance package. It includes an initial calibration (income test) of the devices to check the measurement precision, followed by an adjustment. A second calibration (final test) verifies the efficiency of the adjustment. As an option, this package also includes a firmware update. Sensor excitation and filters are always included in the inspection and calibration plan. The results will be documented in a calibration protocol as pdf report. A calibration tag as visual proof of the calibration will be attached to the device. The calibration date will be stored in the firmware and displayed in IPEmotion.

Premium maintenance package

The premium maintenance package completes the standard package with a calibration at various extreme ambient temperatures in the climate chamber after the adjustment. The measurement precision will be tested at -40 °C,  at 85 °C, and, depending on the module type, at 120 °C. The premium package also includes a warranty extension of 12 months. Within this period of time, any problem with the device will be fixed free of charge. The premium package meets the highest demands of device calibration.

Repair with premium calibration

This device repair package includes an extensive electromechanical inspection to identify the source of defect. The repair flat rate covers standard hardware repairs, such as casing repairs and the exchange of connectors or electric components. A subsequent premium calibration ensures the measurement precision of the new hardware components within the overall system for the complete ambient temperature range.

Accredited calibration acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

For especially high calibration requirements (acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025), customers may choose the accredited calibration for selected M-THERMO and M-SENS modules, meaning that the measuring equipment is calibrated according to a standardized procedure. If the conformity requirements are not met, the measuring equipment will be adjusted and calibrated again to ensure accuracy. The package also includes an optional firmware update and check of device-specific additional functions (such as sensor supply & filter). The results will be documented and output as calibration certificate (PDF report). Upon request, the data can also be transferred electronically according to VDI 2623 and fed directly into the customer’s measurement device database. A calibration tag approved by the DAkkS (national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) will be attached to the device as visual proof of the calibration. The calibration date will be stored in the firmware and displayed in IPEmotion.


We pick up and deliver

Measurement modules for test drives are often needed on a very short notice. Within Germany, we offer a pick-up and
delivery service. We organize the transport of the modules to our calibration laboratories in Eichstaett and Baden-Baden, relieving the customer’s logistics department and reducing the lead time.

Maintenance for IPEtec test benches

This maintenance package is for our IPEtec test bench customers. The maintenance according to VDMA standards includes a visual inspection, testing of the alert chain as well as the security systems, and functional testing.

On site or in Baden-Baden – Customers with smaller test bench systems can save expenses by sending them to our laboratories in Baden-Baden (esp. components such as IPEflush, IPEload, and IPEcomp). Larger systems like thermal management test benches (TMEs) or test facilities with several test benches are serviced on site according to the customer’s availability. Measurement systems and sensors which measure important performance parameters are often calibrated in collaboration with an external calibration laboratory.

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