Accomplishing more together

Partnerships open up additional opportunities for us to expand our range of services for our customers. We would like to introduce you to three of our partners. We create significant added value for our customers with our combined experiences and streamlined structures. Benefit from our expanded range of products and services for your measurement requirements!

Technica Engineering GmbH

Since 2008, Technica Engineering GmbH has supported OEMs and tier 1s in all phases of the development process. The company specialises in the testing, validation and safety of vehicle technology.

IPETRONIK and Technica: Fleet testing with automotive Ethernet
The increasing importance of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) requires the measuring system to have the lowest level of latency during vehicle testing. The solutions from our partner Technica extend our range of products in real-time detection of automotive Ethernet buses.

Our systems can handle the CAN, CAN FD, LIN and FlexRay buses, as well as the high requirements of automotive Ethernet. Our combination of high-performance logger, cloud/remote connection, data transfer station and automotive Ethernet hardware forms a highly efficient complete system for all testing, especially suited for use with ADAS and AD.

TrigasDM GmbH

TrigasDM GmbH is an expert in high-quality flow measurement technology. The company manufactures highly dynamic and precise volumetric and flow meters, which are used particularly in the automotive and aerospace sector. In addition to flow meter design and production, TrigasDM offers an extensive calibration and adjustment service for liquids and gases.

IPETRONIK and TrigasDM: Precise flow measurement technology
Flow meters from our partner TrigasDM ensure efficient and highly precise measurement and analysis of liquids.

In addition to our accurate measurement modules for temperature, voltage, current, pressure and strain, we are now also able to offer ideal solutions for all kinds of flow measurement applications within the vehicle.

TrigasDM devices can be easily integrated in the IPETRONIK module measuring chain and configured as usual with our IPEmotion software. The hardware is used in cooling, hydraulic and engine oil circuits in combustion vehicles, as well as for flow measurement in the air-conditioning and cooling circuits in hybrid and electric vehicles in e-mobility.

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