Thermal Management System Test Bench

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Thermal Management System Test Bench

Thermal management is a key topic in vehicle development that is taken into account in the development process right from the start. Valuable development steps can be taken at an early stage on a thermal management system test bench. By integrating calculation models and simulators/emulators, qualitative statements on systems, components and control strategies for cooling, heating and refrigeration circuits could be made at an early stage of development (without the vehicle). In addition, early testing of operating strategies is possible. In further phases of development (including series production support), problems can be reproduced and causes investigated in a reproducible environment.

  • Dynamic load cases on the thermal management system test bench and sharpening of simulations
  • Function and control development on thermal management
  • HIL with vehicle control unit and real cooling and refrigerant circuits
  • Innovative heat pump refrigeration cycles and concepts - analysis and optimization
  • Characteristic diagrams for coolant circuit control - Curve diagrams for actuator control
  • Refrigerant circuit system optimization - basic investigations and system adjustment
  • Investigation of system instability/assessment of critical load cases
  • Investigation regarding refrigerant displacements in the system
  • Safeguarding investigations of component requirements within the overall system
  • Oil circulation ratio hedges/oil fill rate surveys and recommendations
  • Standard measuring programs for safeguarding e.g. SAE matrix, LCCP etc.
  • Refrigerant charge determinations
  • Investigation of unexpected problems in series circuits - finding causes and solutions

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