IPEmotion ME

Display Software for Mobile Devices

Measurement Data anytime and anywhere with IPEmotion ME

The "Mobile Edition" (ME) of IPEmotion connects your team worldwide. Whether on site, in the company or from home - visualise and evaluate vehicle data live with your colleagues, wherever you are. Control your data logger via the browser or via the IPEmotion ME app. Quickly, easily and flexibly with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

The strengths of IPEmotion ME at a Glance

  • Versatile live Measurement Data Display
  • Available worldwide* and locally via App and Browser
  • Remote Trigger and Control Function from Mobile Device to Data Logger (bidirectional)
  • Large Range of graphic Display Functions (Tachometer, y-t Chart, Map, alphanumerical Instrument)
  • Live Video Transmission
  • Intuitive Handling
  • Multi-lingual
  • Available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

IPEmotion ME is supported by all IPEmotion RT data loggers. 

*Depending on the UMTS coverage 

Test our DAQ Software IPEmotion ME live!

Further Highlights:

  • Multi-device Access with parallel Data Transfer 
  • Unlimited Number of Display Pages* 
  • No Limit to the Number of Channels that can be displayed (even within Instruments) 
  • Dynamic Data Transmission 
  • Online Data Display and Application of Remote Control Functions for Data Loggers

*Limitations possible due to Hardware used.

IPEmotion ME offers you:

  • Live Measurement data Visualisation 
  • Live Video Image Transmission 
  • Online GPS Map Display 
  • Versatile Data Visualisation 
  • Available via Browser and App 
  • Local and Remote Data Access 

 Functionality depends on UMTS Coverage

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