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Climate Acoustic Chamber

The climate-acoustic chamber with its flexible conditioning from cold to heat climate offers ideal boundary conditions to realistically load the heating/air conditioning system of a vehicle. With the control of the temperature from -20°C to +50°, the humidity, the sun simulation by means of infrared lamps as well as the vehicle inflow with up to 32 km/h driving wind, a variety of climate zones can be simulated as vehicle environment. In addition to the thermodynamic usability, the design as an acoustic semi-free-field room together with the hydrophobic attenuation of all conditioning components allows the authentic evaluation and measurement of acoustic phenomena. Typical applications include the testing and subjective evaluation of in-vehicle air conditioning compressors, HVAC noise (evaporator hiss) and general transfer path analysis of the refrigeration circuit.

  • Cool-down test (simplified climatic wind tunnel conditions)
  • Filling quantity regulations for vehicle refrigeration circuit
  • Measurement of cabin and exterior noise, vibration at transfer paths, pulsation in refrigerant lines and vehicle operating data (CAN bus) under cold, comfort and heat climates
  • Testing of Parking Heaters with Regard to Heat Output and Acoustics

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