The small things we do

We as a company consider ourselves an important part of an open society and always keep social matters in mind when making decisions. We ensure that all of our internal and external actions are sustainable and have a lasting positive effect.

For our employees

Our employees are important to us. Most of them have worked for IPETRONIK for many years. Due to the high demands of our customers and the complexity of their tasks, it is vital that our employees like working for us and stay with the company. This is why we provide a great working evironment with flat hierarchies and a lot of room for creativity and personal development. In addition to that, we offer a company pension scheme, additional contributions for health insurance, and tax-free benefits for capital accumulation.

Environmental protection

We consider it our duty to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gases, and waste as much as possible. In order to improve our energy balance, we have installed a solar system on the roof of the three big development and production halls at our headquarters in Baden-Baden together with some of our employees. The energy of its 210 kWp output is directly fed into our test benches.

Social responsibility

In order to contribute our small share, we help the Lebenshilfe Baden-Baden to get in touch with our employees and present their projects. We support the exchange and are happy to see our employees volunteer their time for a good cause. If you are interested in the work of the Lebenshilfe, Marion Emig will be glad to assist you.

Contact person

Lebenshilfe Baden-Baden

Your contact for voluntary work, occupational safety, fire protection

Marion Emig