IPEmotion software modules

Functional extensions for specific applications

IPEmotion can be extended with three software modules. These extensions cover specific applications and are available for the professional and higher editions:

  • Climate module for thermodynamic calculations
  • Control module for test run automation on test benches
  • Acoustics module for acoustic and Campbell analyses

Climate module


The climate module allows the user to develop and validate thermodynamic processes in refrigerant circuits in an easy and efficient way.

The module consists of a specific log-ph diagram as well as a formula pool for enthalpy and entropy calculations including the REFPROP coolant database of the National Institute of Standardization (NIST).The log-ph diagram is available for online measurements as well as for offline analysis. With the help of the climate module, the thermodynamic properties at any refrigerant cycle point can be determined. A refrigerant cycle is composed of the following four main sections:

Cooling circuit

  • Compressor
    The compressor converts the low-pressure gas refrigerant into high-pressure gas. The compression increases the temperature of the gas.

  • Condenser
    The condenser cools the hot high-pressure gas down to a cold liquid.

  • Expansion valve
    The liquid turns to gas and cools down the evaporator in the process. The evaporator in turn extracts the energy from the incoming warm air and cools it down.

  • Evaporator
    The cold low-pressure liquid runs through the evaporator and changes to the gaseous state.


The climate module is a very efficient tool for online and offline calculations of the HVAC refrigerant cycle (cf. the schematic HVAC diagram). The specific formula allows the user to calculate the enthalpy [kJ/kg] of a selected coolant with its specific thermodynamic properties at any given pressure and temperature. The results of the online and offline calculations are visualized in the log-ph diagram. With the IPEmotion climate module, IPETRONIK provides a unique manufacturer-independent software package for HVAC component development frequently used by HVAC system and compressor manufacturers. Our business unit IPEtec also offers specific test bench solutions such as IPEload and IPEcomp using the climate module for development purposes. It is also useful for product development, especially regarding newly emerging coolants such as HFO123a or R744 (CO2) with new thermodynamic properties.

Applications overview:

  • Compressor test benches
  • Heat exchanger testing
  • Refrigerant evaluation
  • Thermal management test benches

Supported refrigerants of the coolant database NIST

  • R134a
  • R1234yf
  • R22
  • R404a
  • R410a
  • R507a
  • R744 (CO2)
  • R718 (H2O)
  • R729 (N2+O2+Ar)
  • R123ze
  • R290 (Propane)
  • R600a (Isobutene)
  • R717 (Ammonia)

Control module


The control module of IPEmotion can be purchased as an option for the Professional and Developer edition. With the control module you have a set of functions to cover test bench and test automation applications.

Functions of the control module

  • Function generator
    A function generator supports different waveforms like sine, sawtooth, rectangle, or ramp. A freely configurable generator can be linked to data files and their manually manipulated or recorded waveforms. Sample rate, output rate, offset, pulse duty cycle, and trigger conditions for start, stop, hold, and cycle count are also included.

  • PID controllers
    For control applications PID-loop controllers are available. The calculation cycle time can be configured up to 1 kHz. The control parameter channels are the control value, the process variable and the set-point value.

  • Routers
    Router channels receive signals (input) and send them to other channels (output). The target channel receives the signals from the source channel and converts it into the output format. With a router channel, you can create a bridge between different supported PlugIns.



IPEmotion control is the ideal module for the automation and control of various test bench applications, e.g. brake testing in the automotive industry. Information and entry masks guide the test driver through the test and the acquired measurement data are compiled in an automated report. The control module can also be used for the calibration and functional testing of refurbished fuel pumps and control units in the aviation industry. The test bench operator loads the configuration and enters the test and control parameters from the test instructions via entry masks. During the test, high-performance pumps and drive shaft can be controlled with IPEmotion via a PROFIBUS PLC connection. The measurement data is automatically compared with the reference values and serve as a foundation of the decision for or against a tested product. IPETRONIK uses the control module on compressor test benches. Depending on the task, the module runs different test cycles. IPEmotion is the central measurement software and interface to the test bench systems, with the PLC PlugIn controlling the PLC system the X PlugIn measurement values for pressure, temperature, force, and vibration at the compressor with the LIN PlugIn controlling the compressor parameters, such as rpm or swashplate settings.