IPEmotion Mobile Edition

Cross-platform technology for Browser, Android and iOS devices

Together with the IPEmotion RT development, the visualization of data logger online measurement data has been based on a brand-new functional and technological architecture. For the first time, three different display platforms will be available. Measurement data can be visualized via internet browser or via Android/iOS app. With this new HTML5-based display technology, the measurement data can be visualized on any end device, meeting all display requirements. In addition to that, the app’s range of functions has been extended and its usability and design have been improved.

Multi display configuration with IPEmotion RT.UI and tablets

The logger display can be configured with IPEmotion RT.UI (desktop), allowing the user to set up measurement tasks and display visualizations on their desktop at the same time. The configuration will be stored on the logger and can be imported or displayed in the Android/iOS app with a connected mobile device or in the device browser.

Furthermore, the user can create his personal display configuration on the local device, which can differ from the template provided in the logger configuration. The user has a high degree of freedom to create his own display pages. In addition, several display devices can simultaneously access online data and visualize it individually. This applies also to the control functions that each user can perform from his device.

These are the highlights

  • Cross-platform support of Android/Apple and browser display systems
  • Video transmission
  • Trigger and control functions from the mobile end device to the logger and vice versa
  • Display configuration exchange between end device and IPEmotion RT
  • Access with multiple end devices and parallel data transfer
  • Flexible tool positioning on the page
  • Unlimited display pages
  • Unlimited channels for display (also within the tools)
  • Dynamic transmission of fast transient signals
  • Vehicle head unit integration for MirrorLink and Apple CarPlay in the developer mode
  • Online data display and remote control functions for data loggers

IPEmotion Mobile Edition Software releases

IPEmotion Mobile Edition



The latest release provides the following features:
  • Export SysLog messages to CSV file or send them via e-mail
  • Satellite view in the map instrument
  • Full display of long channel names
Free download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Image gallery regarding IPEmotion ME

The gallery shows a selection of the most important instruments and configuration dialogs

IPEmotion Android app for TESTdrive logger

Data logger driver display for mobile end devices

The IPEmotion app offers one display solution for all TESTdrive data loggers. The app is supported by all current Android end devices and allows the driver to view the data logger’s online measurement data. With MirrorLink, the app can be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle head unit. MirrorLink is activated on OEM level and configured to your needs.

Data logger display system

The app-based display system is available in different system configurations. IPElog2 offers an innovative parallel WLAN concept allowing the user to send measurement data via one WiFi interface and connect a mobile end device to the data logger access point via a second WiFi network. We place great importance on providing a complete system solution, ensuring that the display pages of the app are set up with the data logger measurement configuration via the IPEmotion measurement software. This allows our customers to automatically update display configuration and measurement task from all over the world, e.g. via IPEcloud.

IPEmotion App Software Releases

Image gallery regarding IPEmotion Android App

The gallery shows a selection of the most important instruments and configuration dialogs