Service for measuring systems and test benches

Ensuring performance

Our systems are often subjected to extreme thermal and mechanic ambient conditions. We therefore recommend regular calibration and functional testing, every two years. Factory calibration or functional testing assures our customers that their measurement systems will be in good condition for their next trial.

Factory calibration and functional testing

Prior to leaving our factory, all the measurement modules and data logger receive extensive calibration. The systems are updated to the current firmware versions. In climatic chambers, we test the precision of each measurement channel over the range from -40°C to the maximum temperature of 85°C or 120°C. Our inspection protocols document, for each temperature level, the precision achieved and the meeting of tolerance specifications. Finally, the product receives a calibration tag, embossed with year and month. When we perform functional tests on modules and data logger, we check the firmware and update it to the current release. In addition, we calibrate all the measurement channels at room temperature. Upon completion of functional testing, a test protocol is created and an inspection tag is attached to the device.

Repair and replacement

Should any system fail to comply with calibration and function-testing specifications, we try to restore proper functioning by repairing and/or replacing components after approval by the customer. We also offer the option of replacing devices from older series with new hardware. This grants our customers the confidence of always using latest-generation equipment for their measurement tasks.


We are continuously raising the quality standards in our calibration laboratories. That is why, this year, we shall seek accreditation of our calibration laboratories, according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Delivery service – with quick turnaround

The logistics of shipping and receiving modules and data logger demands considerable organizational effort from our customers. To assist them, we have set up our pickup and delivery service. It handles the transport of modules to our calibration laboratories in Eichstaett and Baden-Baden. The great advantage is quick turnaround and administrative efficiency.