Perfect Temperature Recording

Ultra-compact. Highly precise. Cable free. 16 freely selectable Measurement Inputs.

With the new M-THERMO3 16 temperature measurement module, IPETRONIK is ushering in a new generation of devices. As the first module in the "M3 family", the M-THERMO3 16 sets standards in modular measuring technology. Its 16 channels, which can be selected independently of the thermocouple type, offer a high degree of precision and flexibility with a high-resolution 24 bit analogue to digital converter (ADC). The M-THERMO3 16 is ultra-compact, robust and boasts a new wireless and magnetic connection concept – which saves time during installation and offers the best possible security for the data connection.

Applications of the M-THERMO3 16

  • Thermal Safeguarding of Vehicle Components
    Validation of long-term strength under various ambient conditions
  • Interior Air Conditioning
    Function testing of the climate control
  • Cooling of safety-relevant Assemblies
    Verification of maximum permitted temperatures
  • Thermal Management System Optimization
    Monitoring of thermal limits in closed-loop systems
  • Cooling Capacity Determination
    Detection of temperature arrays at the system inlet and outlet

The M-THERMO3 16 is the most precise
temperature measurement module in its class

Measurement modules must withstand extreme requirements in order to deliver precise and valid results at all times. However, particularly if there is an external thermal influence on the measuring technology, this may have an undesirable effect on the measured values. Cutting-edge IPETRONIK technology reduces this to a minimum. Our latest development is the M-THERMO3 16 with nine supported thermocouple types. It is efficient, reliable and, above all, extremely precise. The module has an extremely compact design and offers unprecedented measuring accuracy in the segment of modular temperature recording – and it does so across all thermocouple types.


This graph shows the continuous development of temperature measurement inputs for our modules relative to the maximum deviation over the entire specified ambient temperature range (at a constant specified target temperature of 100 °C). This means that the M-THERMO3 16 is currently the most precise temperature measurement module in its class.

Further Applications

In the e-mobility sector:

  • Determination of temperature parameters of auxiliary units for system optimization
  • Optimization of temperature distribution in the passenger compartment

In the aerospace sector:

  • Altitude tests of engines in flight operations
  • Validation of fuel consumption and maintenance intervals of engines

System requirements: Software IPEmotion 2022 R2 + IPETRONIK-X PlugIn Version 02.17.00, IPEmotion RT 2022 R3

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