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Efficiency Measurement on Electric/Hybrid Motors

Monitoring and Measurement of Battery Power Consumption

A marine tours company from Alaska operates a fleet of approximately 80 site seeing cruise vessels that run both Glacier tours and Whale Watching tours. In doing so, they are exploring the option of modernizing their cruise fleet from fully Diesel Engines to Diesel-Electric Hybrid Engines. The task: monitoring and measurement of battery power consumption.

For both their whale watching tours and their glacier tours they run the boat in two modes. Full speed operation where they are boating at full speed to get to the desired location. The second would be in an idle mode where they are watching the whales or sitting next to the glacier. Even in the idle mode the boat is making quite a bit of noise with the diesel engines and they cannot fully shutdown for safety reasons. Moving to the Hybrid option would significantly reduce the noise level in idle mode. Another advantage: trips with a Diesel-Electric Hybrid Engine are more environmentally friendly.

With our integral system, fuel consumption and the average utilization of the ship per whale watching and glacier tour can be calculated. This allows the efficiency of the hybrid diesel electric motors to be derived so that the shipping company has valid data available for a possible engine conversion.



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