Safe temperature measurements in high-voltage environments

Propagation testing with Green Testing Lab

Green Testing Lab is a testing institute for the automotive industry and its suppliers that performs various material evaluations as well as destructive tests at the system level. The company also specializes in testing batteries for electromobility. In the course of the development of batteries with a significantly larger storage capacity, there is a high risk of fire and explosion, so safety plays an essential role. Propagation tests are therefore essential. IPETRONIK supports Green Testing Lab in their battery stress tests with the appropriate hardware for the safe measurement of temperatures in the high-voltage range.

The Challenge

The range of an electric car is still one of the major challenges of electromobility. The solution is expected to come from more powerful batteries that are capable of storing significantly more energy. However, increasing storage capacity also increases the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. This in turn also increases the risk of chain reactions in the battery pack, known as propagation, in which large amounts of energy are released and set the storage unit on fire. This can happen due to external influences or be caused by a fault in one of the cells. In such a case, thermal runaway occurs in the battery module. The cell is destroyed by the overheating of the exothermic reaction. This usually results in a fire or leads to an explosion.

To avoid "thermal runaway," a variety of tests are performed during battery development. One of the most important tests is the measurement and analysis of temperature development within the cell. The so-called "propagation tests" are used to penetrate the battery under test - either by applying force or with a needle ("needle penetration"). During penetration and the resulting "propagation", a wide variety of physical variables are recorded, with the focus here on the development of temperature.


  • Synchronous recording of temperatures in HV environments, voltage, electricity, pressure, force and path
  • Reliability and safety when recording data
  • Robust hardware with extended ambient temperature range
  • High level of accuracy

The devices under test are irreparably destroyed during the tests, which is why it is of the utmost importance that the measuring system is reliable and delivers high-quality results. Since there are large differences in potential between the individual battery cells, directed towards the outside via temperature elements, galvanic separation and therefore isolation and protection is essential for the application personnel.

The Solution

The measuring modules from IPETRONIK make it possible to work safely in high-voltage environments with low packing densities and a variety of interfaces for recording any number of physical variables. The galvanic isolation of the M-THERMO2 HV ensures safe operation when measuring with large differences in potential. In this way, the Green Testing Lab can safely and reliably monitor up to 64 hot spots on the battery. In addition to HV temperatures, which are applied in the critical area, the voltage inputs and current interface on the M-SENS2 also record variables such as pressure, force and path. The combination of the IPETRONIK measuring modules enables synchronous recording and transmission of all the different physical variables in a system that can be flexibly expanded or reduced depending on the requirements of the application.

The Advantages

  • Galvanic isolation of temperature channels in HV environments
  • All measured physical variables in one system
  • Synchronous recording of measured data
  • Quick and easy configuration of the measuring system

With the complete system from IPETRONIK, high-performance tests can be completed successfully and safely under extreme conditions. The product portfolio includes a broad, sufficient and safe equipment for the recording of the required measurement data of third institutes or facilities. Due to the compact design of the modules, the measurement setup is fast and efficient. In addition, it can be flexibly expanded or reduced according to the specific application. The sensor technology is supplied with voltage via the modules, while all other required input interfaces (such as current and voltage interface) are available and configurable on the modules.

"We need a competent partner who provides support for our daily testing requirements. The Green Testing Lab appreciates the expert technical support and competent advice provided by IPETRONIK. Thanks to IPETRONIK, we can provide our customers with high-quality measuring results in a timely manner. Our customers are highly satisfied with the quality of the recorded measuring data."

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