HVAC compressor acceptance testing

Application for IPEcomp test bench

The compressor is a very important component of the HVAC system providing cooling for the passenger compartment. The compressor is a complex system which is exposed to extreme temperature conditions and changing load levels. The latest automotive development trends of electric and hybrid cars and new refrigerants like CO2 (R744) have strong impacts on the electric- and pull-driven compressor development too. The new compressor generations have to fulfil higher efficiencies as well as lower noise levels. With the new refrigerant of CO2 (R744) the compressor and the whole HVAC pipe system has to cope with significant higher pressure levels of over 150 bar compared to the traditional R134a refrigerant operating in the 30 bar range. The testing and validation of this vital component of the vehicle is a very important aspect of the overall HVAC system development. The IPEcomp test bench is designed to cover these test requirements.

The challenge

During compressor development, extensive product testing of prototypes is required. For that, manufacturers want compact testing systems to achieve high test automation, repeatability, and comparability of test results.

Main testing requirements:

  • RAFFER life cycle endurance testing
  • Factory acceptance tests (FAT)
  • High- / Low-pressure ratio measurement
  • Refrigerant mass flow validation
  • Noise and vibration testing incl. gas pressure pulsation
  • COP ‒ Coefficient of Performance indicator
  • OCR ‒ Oil Circulation Ratio measurement
  • Overall: Test bench hast to meet high system repeatability and stability

The solution

Many leading compressor manufacturers like Sanden, Denso, Obrist count on test bench solutions from IPEtec. IPEtec developed a compact and integrated compressor test bench system to provide repeatable and comparable test results for benchmarking. The test bench validates all types of performance aspects at various load levels. Due to the integrated heater box, the compressor may be exposed to a wide range of ambient temperatures from -30 up to 120 °C during operation. Various levels of superheat can be regulated too. The user-friendly data acquisition and control software IPEmotion includes a predefined set of VDA-compliant test programs. The integration of customer specific test programs is easy to configure with IPEmotion.

The advantages

This test bench offers a wide range of testing applications including endurance, performance, noise, and vibration testing. The whole testing process is automated ensuring a very high repeatability. For benchmarking purposes the comparability of different development stages is always guaranteed.

  • High repeatability of test setups
  • Fully automated test execution
  • IPEmotion is an integrated measurement and test automation software
  • High productivity to execute test cycles in short time frames

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