Engine injector pulse measurement

Application note for Mx-SENS2 4 and IPEaddon INCA

Diesel engine development is driven over the last years by the invention of the common rail engine architecture. The common rail system reduces exhaust emissions and engine noise. This is realized through optimized timing of multiple injection cycles during one stroke of the engine and high injection pressures currently reaching over 2.000 bar. The overall control of the fuel injectors, high pressure pump and other parameters is handled by the engine control unit (ECU).

The challenge

In this application example the customer had to measure the injection patterns during road test driving. The data acquisition hardware system had to be integrated to the INCA measurement and ECU calibration software. This test requires high speed synchronous analog measurement inputs to record up to 9 injection cycles per stroke with an approx. 0,6 ms pulse width for one injection. The high speed analog injection pattern input measurements will be compared to the measurements from the engine ECU over the ETK interface.


  • Data acquisition hardware integrated to INCA.
  • Interface to ETAS ES 593 gateway.
  • Ruggedized 4 channel measurement module.
  • Synchronous 100 kHz analog input sample rate.
  • Measuring 9 injection pulses per stroke.

The solution

To cover the requirements a hardware and software solution from IPETRONIK was selected. The Mx-SENS2 4 module is smoothly integrated into INCA using the IPEaddon INCA5 driver library. This driver supports complete module configuration from INCA. Data can be directly measured over the XCPonEthernet Protocol using e.g. the ETAS ES593 gateway. In this setup the 4 channel Mx-SESN2 4 module is measuring the injector voltage cycles with a 100 kHz sample rate per channel. The high sample rate provides a sufficient resolution of the solenoid value actuation. With this data acquisition architecture the measurement from the engine ECU over the ETK interface together with the high speed dynamic measurement of the injector solenoid voltages is measured synchronously.

The advantages

The main benefit for the customer is reflected in the integrated system architecture. The high speed Mx-SENS2 4 module is fitting well for the injector pulse width and cycle measurement. The smooth integration of the IPETRONIK data acquisition hardware to INCA is merging analog measurement data to one INCA experiment.

  • Data acquisition is compatible to INCA through the IPEaddon INCA 5 driver library
  • Integrated measurement chain of analog modules to the ETAS gateway ES593
  • High speed DAQ, compact and ruggedized modules suitable for engine compartment installations
  • High flexibility to add more devices from the M- and X-Module series to the setup

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