Data logger with synchronous image data recording

Application note for video measurements with data loggers

Nowadays, the autonomous recording of image data and videos plays an important role in many areas of development. For the automotive industry, image data recording is vital, e.g. for driver assistance systems (ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) since these systems increase driving safety with the help of camera and radar systems.

The challenge

Development departments require a synchronous recording of image data and other measurement parameters – control unit measurements as well as external sensor data like temperature, force, strain, and GPS, which are to be recorded together with the image data. For this, they need autonomously working data loggers able to store measurement and image data together. There is a wide range of application for data loggers with integrated image data recording.


Application examples of integrated video recording:

  • Detection of road obstacles and signs, e.g. via application in the driver’s field of vision
  • Inspection of condition and type of attachments for agricultural machines
  • Mapping of the surroundings incl. bridges, tunnels, and the lay-out of the route, e.g. via recording test routes
  • Recording of conduct and performance of construction machine operators
  • Level control, e.g. of the coolant reservoir in the engine compartment
  • Validation of ADAS systems

The solution

The IPETRONIK data loggers IPElog2, M-LOG V3, and FLEETlog2 are most suitable for integrated video recording. They reliably meet the requirement to record image data together with further external measurement parameters from various sources, like analog measurement modules, control units, or GPS signals. All loggers support the connection of up to four high-resolution cameras and thereby enable a Full HD recording reaching up to 30 frames per second. The cameras are connected to the data logger via the USB interface. Internal calculation channels provide you with the possibility to trigger the video recording in a targeted manner. And with IPEmotion, you have the ideal software to analyze the measurement as well as the image data.

The advantages

The synchronous recording of image data and other measurement parameters offers a high additional benefit for the data analysis:

  • Shared time base of all measurement channels for the image and measurement data recording in the data logger
  • Connection of camera systems via USB interface
  • Triggered video recording with configurable calculation channels and logical channels in the data logger
  • Control units can be integrated via XCP, CCP, KWP, OBD, J1939, FlexRay, LIN, etc.
  • Integrated toolchain enables analysis of the measurement data as well as report writing with the IPEmotion measurement software.
  • Video data storage in the standard format AVI

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