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The new High-Performance Data Logger ETHOS 2

Data logger with maximum CPU performance

IPETRONIK presents the ETHOS 2, its latest data logger. With the new Intel i7-9850HE processor, the successor to the ETHOS achieves a performance index of 11,572 enabling it to handle the increasing demands on the measurement of CAN FD, LIN and Ethernet networks quickly and effectively. The two hotplug-capable slots for removable storage media of up to 2 TB enable maximum write rates with maximum data security.



Fit for the Most Challenging Automotive Applications

The ETHOS 2 was developed to validate large, complex vehicle network architectures during fleet testing and test drives. With 28 CAN FD inputs, 8 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the SFP+ interface as well as the 8 LIN and 2 FlexRay inputs, it can meet the constantly growing requirements in vehicle development. This makes it a powerful mobile development and validation tool for vehicle network analysis and challenging ADAS applications.

Highly Efficient Integral System

Our reliable and safe measurement systems offer solutions for various use cases, including ADAS and e-mobility applications. The ETHOS 2 has a proven and optimized user interface for future measurement tasks. With the "IPE DXS" data exchange station, it enables fast data transfer to the local network infrastructure, maximizing the availability of development vehicles during costly vehicle testing. In addition, it gives the development team direct access to the measurement data for fast and efficient analysis.

Upgrade for existing ETHOS customers

From Q3, existing ETHOS customers will have the opportunity to send in their current logger and have it upgraded to ETHOS 2. If you have any further questions, please contact our sales team.

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