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IPETRONIK Delivers Test Equipment to Rolls-Royce’s Jet Engine Test Cell

IPETRONIK completes the delivery of M-THERMO 96 temperature scanners to Rolls-Royce’s jet engine test cells, thus supporting the development of even more efficient engines. The superior M-THERMO 96 with 96 channels handles all typical thermocouple types (E, J, K, N, R, S, and T) and measures with highest precision also at ambient temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. For each channel it contains an extreme accurate cold junction compensation – offering great results also during transients of ambient temperature.

The M-THERMO 96 has been tested according to aerospace standards and its measurement accuracy for quickly changing ambient temperatures has been optimized. The device’s gold-plated screw terminal pins for the thermocouple sensor connection ensure precise measurements due to their ideal conductivity. The maximum error for the thermocouple type K does not exceed +/-0.3 °C, meeting the requirements of the aerospace industry. The M-THERMO 96 is resistant to corrosive liquids, waterproof, and works in altitudes of up to 55,000 feet, so it can be used on the test stand as well as in the air.

Further information on the jet engine tests can be found here.

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