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IPEmotion 2024 R1 now supports connection of an external modem via USB2ETH adapter

The new IPEmotion 2024 R1 release offers a wide range of new features. The most important new features include the option of using an USB2ETH adapter to connect an external modem. User-defined coolants can also be used in IPEmotion PC. Complex conversion jobs for the IPEconverter can be defined using XML or JSON files.

The innovations at a glance:


External modem via USB2ETH adapter

  • An USB2ETH adapter can be used to connect, e.g., an external modem to the logger
  • Supported USB2ETH chipsets: RTL8152/RTL8153, ASIX AX88xxx (USB2.0), ASIX AX88179/178A (USB3.0)
  • By using the USB port for the external modem, all ETH interfaces are available for measurement tasks

User defined refrigerants in IPEmotionPC

  • User-defined refrigerants from the RefProp can be used in IPEmotion PC
  • Requires IPEmotion PC and the "Climate" option
  • Requires RefProp version 10 or higher
  • Custom fluids and mixtures can be used in
    • Formulas in the "Measurement" and "Data management" tabs
    • log p-h diagram in the "Display" and "Analysis" tabs

IPEconverter: Job description files for the conversion

  • XML or JSON files can be used to describe a conversion job for the IPEconverter
  • Requires an IPEconverter license
  • A job description file can contain multiple input and output files/formats to be converted
  • Start and end time can be specified so that the converter only converts the relevant parts of a file
  • It is also possible to filter by interfaces during the export process

IPEmotion 2024 R1 is available for download here.

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