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IPEmotion 2023 R3 now supports the new data logger “IPE833”

The new release IPEmotion 2023 R3 offers a variety of new features. The most important new features include support for our new IPE833 data logger and Traffic to Signal for XCP measurements. In addition, new features have been added to improve logger security.

The innovations at a glance:


Support of the new data logger IPE833

  • Four CAN-FD with up to 5 MBd/sec
  • Supports CAN SIC on all four CAN interfaces
  • Four digital-in / two digital-out
  • Four analog-in
  • WLAN, cellular modem (supports 4G LTE) and GPS
  • Angular rate and acceleration (gyro) available

New features for logger security

  • New Tab „Security“ in options
  • Encryption of measurement files, log files and configuration files
  • Decryption tool available for Windows and Linux
  • Password protection for configuration updates and firmware updates
  • Password protection for data retrieval or configuration changes via USB stick

Support for Traffic to Signal for XCP measurements

  • Recorded XCP traffic can be later converted into signals
  • New option “Export A2L”: Each time the XCP measurement is started, IPEmotion generates an appropriate A2L file to be used for future traffic-to-signal conversions
  • Generated A2L files can also be converted to ARXML via IPEmotion for other backend systems


IPEmotion 2023 R3 is available for download here.

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