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IPEmotion 2023 R2 now supports the fast import of MDF4 files

The new release IPEmotion 2023 R2 offers a variety of new features. Among the most important new features is support for the fast import of MDF4 files and the new ASAM CMP standard. In addition, relevant or interesting parts of a measurement file can now be marked with a note.

The innovations at a glance:


Fast import of MDF4 files

  • New option “Loading behaviour” in the import options for MDF4: “Lazy loading” or “Init on loading”
  • Speed optimization when loading or viewing files with many signals/channels

Introduction and support of the new ASAM CMP standard

  • ASAM CMP provides collected Automotive Ethernet data into standardized ethernet frames
  • Support of Technica Automotive Ethernet Interfaces in IPEmotion PC and on the ethernet port of IPETRONIK dataloggers
  • IPEmotion will automatically detect which of the three protocols (PLP, TECMP or CMP) the capture module is using

New marker function to mark relevant places with an annotation

  • Annotations can be added and modified in the yt diagram
  • Annotations can be exported into IAD and MDF4 format
  • When loading IAD or MDF4 files with text annotations, the annotations will be shown in the yt-diagram


IPEmotion 2023 R2 is available for download here.

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