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IPEmotion 2023 R1 now also supports Online Energy Analysis

The new release IPEmotion 2023 R1 offers a variety of new features. Among the most important ones is the new "Online Power Calculation" function, which enables the use of predefined power calculations for measurement tasks and data analysis. In addition, IPEmotion 2023 R1 now supports a new storage mode for the recording of snapshot data. Furthermore, the traffic to signal function has been improved.

The innovations at a glance:

New function „Online Power Calculation”

  • Easy selection of the input channels for Voltage and Current
  • Line frequency can be set to a fixed value or automatically determined by IPEmotion
  • Available as an online calculation (tab “Acquisition”) or as an offline calculation (tab “Data Manager”)

New Storage Mode “Snapshot Data Storage” for storage groups

  • Configurable snapshot trigger
  • Multiple snapshots are possible
  • All supported storages formats can be used: IPEmotion, MDF4 and MDF4 grouped

Traffic to Signal Improvements

  • “Converter” function in IPEmotion now supports traffic to signal, profiles and channel filters
  • Multiple traffic channels in multiple measurement files can be converted to signals in one step
  • The possibility to create profiles was introduced with IPEmotion 2022 R3. Those profiles can be also used in the “Converter” function.


IPEmotion 2023 R1 is available for download here.


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